Convenience. Power. Energy.

Flexopower Energies (Pty) Ltd is a
South African company established in 2005.

We design, manufacture and
distribute mobile energy solutions to campers and overlanders; to home office
users; to business; anybody affected by load-shedding and to defense.

Flexopower is a registered OEM manufacturer for the SANDF. We work with the
CSIR on portable energy applications used in defense and anti-poaching.


Our products aim to be
convenient and powerful delivering energy to keep you in charge.

Lithium555 portable power station by Flexopower is easy for powering electronics in the bush and while camping


Namib Leisure

Only the Flexopower Namib solar range has carbon fiber fortified PET cell encapsulation.

Available from stock

Top - of - the - Class

Mojave260W Gen III

The Mojave 260W Gen III is our top - of - the - class foldable solar panel.

Available from stock

Next Level


Next level power station from Zendure Inc. in Palo Alto, CA, USA (Silicon Valley)

Available mid August

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