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Flexopower is a South African company offering portable power stations and foldable solar panels. Perfect for camping, overlanding, home office, off grid work and on the go.

Convenient, mobile, powerful.

Lithium555 portable power station by Flexopower is easy for powering electronics in the bush and while campingNamib solar panels by Flexopower are carbon fiber fortified and last longer than other solar panels in this price class. Ideal for the occasional camper.

Brand new

Namib Leisure

For the camper, who wants Flexopower quality and performance at a cost effective price. 22% efficient mono crystalline PERC solar cells in carbon fiber fortified PET encapsulation. Lower cell temperature thanks to sand color for improved output.

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Namib Leisure

Only the Flexopower Namib solar range has carbon fiber fortified PET cell encapsulation. Competitor products in this price class are PET only. PET is soft and prone to delaminate. That is why our Namib Leisure range is the better product.