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30A MPPT Solar Regulator, negative grounded

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This new high speed 30A MPPT solar charge controller has the latest control algorithm, minimizing the power point loss rate and can increase the energy utilization ratio of the solar system up to 30%.

Suitable for lead acid- and Lithium-ion batteries.

Monitor system performance and change settings from your smartphone via Bluetooth from up to 10m away. App available for iOS and Android. eBox accessory required.


- Advanced MPPT technology, efficiency greater than 99,5%

- Max. charge/load current 30A
- Compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
- Large LCD display
- Common negative grounding
- Connect load to dedicated port for increased efficiency and reduced losses
- Max. solar input 390W/12V; 520W/24V
- Monitor system data via Bluetooth or WiFi from your smartphone (eBox accessory required)
- USB interface
- Dimensions 230 x 165 x 63mm
- Max. cable wire cross section 16mm2
- Weight 1.31kg

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