The Namib portable solar panels have a new look

The Namib portable solar panels have a new look

When we introduced the Namib solar panels in June 2021, they became a success overnight and Flexopower's best selling solar panels.

Reasons are distinct quality and product features at an attractive cost.

The main differentiator is the carbon fiber fortified encapsulation of the solar cells. It offers superior protection against mechanical impact and delamination. Carbon fiber improves durability and prolongs its service life. Even to this day, no competitor offers this feature at this price level. The carbon fiber encapsulation is easily recognizable by its distinct pattern:



In addition, the original Namib product color was sand-yellow, breaking with the traditional black. The aim was to reduce heat absorption, keeping the Namib panels at a lower temperature, thus increasing solar production. However finger prints and dirt marks often remained visible on the light color. Customers started to comment and as of August 2022 the Namib solar panel come in a light grey color.

The light grey color still heats up less than traditional black, but marks from regular usage and from dust are virtually not visible.  

Here is a comparison between the new grey of the Namib range and the Mojave260 in traditional black:





It is noteworthy, the recommended retail price for both Namibs, 150W and 240W have remained unchanged since they were introduced in June 2021:

* as of August 2022, subject to change.

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