Flexopower introduces the Namib Leisure Solar Panel range. What's the difference?

Flexopower introduces the Namib Leisure Solar Panel range. What's the difference?

flexopower Namib leisure Mojave professional

Since 2005 Flexopower has manufactured and supplied high-end solar panels and named them after deserts from around the world. The Mojave solar panel series is our Professional Outdoors series. The Mojave is aimed at the frequent user, who always relies on solar when camping. Manufactured using top-of-the-line material including unique solar cells with anti-microcrack design encapsulated in Teflon.  

The new Namib solar panel series is our Leisure Outdoor series. It is aimed at the user who occasionally needs solar and/or is looking for a more main stream solar product. The Namib product line is manufactured with high grade, but common solar cells. A unique feature that sets the Namib apart from the competition in its price class is its carbon fiber fortified PET encapsulation. Carbon fiber PET makes the Namib stronger and more durable than competitor products in its price class (which are PET only encapsulated: cheaper to manufacture, softer and prone to delaminate over time). Flexopower is the first to introduce Leisure solar products encapsulated in carbon fiber fortified PET. 

You recognise carbon fibre PET encapsulation by its distinctive pattern:


In addition, we changed the fabric color of the Namib range to desert sand and could achieve some improvement of its thermal behavior over panels made with black fabric.

Namib 150 handle close up

 Mojave and Namib compared

For the frequent user, who relies on solar everytime when camping. Wants top of the range with high performance and reliability.

For the occasional and frequent user, who camps most of the time where there is power. Relies on solar only few times per year. Needs a solid and lower priced solution.

Product Range Name: MOJAVE

Product Range Name: NAMIB

Mono-crystalline cell at 22% efficiency

Mono-crystalline cell at 22% efficiency

Solar cell with anti-microcrack design


ETFE (Teflon) encapsulation for superior protection against mechnical impact

PET encapsulation carbon fibre grain for improved durability

Product colour BLACK

Product colour DESERT SAND

2 year warranty

1 year warranty

Upper price segment

Lower price segment











Vmp 16.5V

Vmp 18.0V

Vmp 19.8V

Vmp 18.0V

Imp 9.1A

Imp 13.4A

Imp 7.6A

Imp 13.3A

Weight 3.5kg

Weight 6.5kg

Weight 3.5kg

Weight 6.5kg

RRP 7.350 incl.

RRP 10.990 incl.

RRP R6.230 incl.

RRP 7.997 incl.

 All specifications and pricing are subject to change without prior notice.

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