The new Hi Volt Solar Panels from Flexopower: Kalahari 400W and Kalahari 300W

The new Hi Volt Solar Panels from Flexopower: Kalahari 400W and Kalahari 300W

In 2014, the largest portable solar panel available from Flexopower was rated at 156W. Clients were impressed, but not sure, if they really needed that much output: "what am I going to do with so much power?". Fast forward to 2023 and clients are asking: "don't you have anything bigger than the Namib240W?".

We present our new Kalahari400W and 300W foldable solar panels meeting the ever-growing power demand from our clients.

The Kalahari are built with our winning formula: shingled solar cells encapsulated in Teflon. In addition, the solar cells are supported with a light weight Alu frame, giving the product stability effectively minimizing the risk of micro cracks in the solar cells.

A nominal 12V design for this wattage is not practical and unsafe due to its high current output. Hence the Kalahari operate at nominal 24V, with the actual operating voltage at 36,5V (Vmp) and operating currents at 8A, resp. 11A (Imp).

Advantages and benefits include less current and higher voltage in the cable, allowing for longer extension cables (up to 25m). The higher charging differential boosts the efficiency of the MPPT charge controller, improving the solar yield. In short, the higher operating voltage makes the 300W/400W safer and more efficient to operate.

In a recent field application, a Kalahari400W panel charging a Mobilodge off road trailer with an A/C (air conditioning) unit, delivering 317W at 8.24am and peaking at 372W later the day topping off the clients 200Ah Lithium battery by 2pm. The client has a Victron MPPT15/75 installed.

Kalahari400 running Mobilodge air conditioner

The max. system voltage of the Kalahari is 200V, giving you the option to connect up to 4 Kalahari's in series creating a whopping 1 600W, respectively 1 200W solar system, provided your MPPT charge controller, electrical wiring (including extension cable), breakers and batteries are suitable. Important: do consult a competent and qualified specialist before installing. 

Both panels come with an Anderson SB50 grey connector to connect to an extension cable. Allowing to park in the shade and position the panel in the sun. Collapsible supporting legs tilt the panel approximately 45 degrees for optimal sun orientation and yield. 

Kalahari400W and 300W come with a 5-year warranty on manufacturing.

The Kalahari is safely carried, transported and stored in its padded protection bag. 

Kalahari400 and 300 carry bag

For a complete overview of our portable solar panels, including the Kalahari 400W and 300W, click HERE.  

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