Solar Powered Fridge Kit: The best setup

Solar Powered Fridge Kit: The best setup

It makes sense to connect your solar powered fridge to the solar regulator of your solar powered system.

Here is why:

  • Eliminating 15% loss in battery
  • Reducing battery cycles and prolonging battery service life
  • Read system information from LCD display: battery voltage, solar current inflow, current outflow to load
  • Low voltage disconnect to protect battery
  • Load has priority.Any surplus charges battery
  • Electronic switch between battery and solar at sunset/sunrise


  • Flexopower

    Disconnecting solar from the regulator will not affect the power supply from the battery to the load. The load continues to be fed with DC from the battery. No need to re-wire the cables every time you disconnect the solar panel. – The same occurs when the sun goes down in the evening. There is no DC coming in from the solar panel, yet the load continues to operate.

  • Simon

    I’v just bough a Mojave 120 with ECO14 regulator.

    Can I leave the Load connected to my fridge in the back of my vehicle with the Solar connector disconnected and will the fridge then draw current directly from my battery.

    If not I will have to disconnected the fridge wires from the solar regulator every time I disconnect the Solar wires?


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