Power Output Settings of the Lithium555. Your choices are...

Power Output Settings of the Lithium555. Your choices are...

...your Lithium555 offers different power output settings for AC and DC. Whether you run a continuous load such as a light or intermittent load such as a DC camping fridge or are concerned, that the Lithium555 has a safety lock when left unattended. Below is the overview and explanation of the different output modes and how to activate them.

1) Locked: all outputs inactive even when AC or DC buttons are pressed.

2) Unlocked and off: all outputs inactive, but can be switched on by pressing the AC or DC button

3) Outputs active in power saving mode: AC and DC outputs continuously sensing if there is a load demand and supply. If no load has been sensed for a period of a few minutes, the output switches off and goes into state 2)

4) Outputs active NO power saving mode: DC is always active



When you receive your Lithium555 it is in locked mode. While unattended, we recommend to keep the Lithium555 in LOCK mode, protecting children or impaired persons from possible electrical shock if tampered with.

Unlocked and off means all outputs are inactive, but can be switched on by a touch of a button. The outputs become active instantly.

Active outputs in power saving mode. This is the default setting of the Lithium555. If no load demand is sensed, the AC (inverter) and DC output automatically switch off and remain off, even if a load demand occurs again. This setting eliminates losses from self consumption from the inverter and DC/DC unit, as it saves battery power and battery cycles. However not suitable for intermittent load demand such as a DC camping fridge. See next setting.

Active outputs NO power saving. The outputs remain active even during periods of no load demand. The setting can be applied to DC only. This setting is suitable to run camping fridges, motion detectors etc.



Simultaneously press AC and DC until “LoC” appears


Simultaneously press AC and DC until “OPN” appears

Power saving override

Must be in open mode, press DC button for approx. 3 seconds until “DC” starts blinking in the LCD

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