MPPT read out of the Mojave-240 Solar kit by Flexopower

Flexible Solar panel Mojave-240 solar kit Sunpower cells

The new Mojave-240 solar kit by Flexopower is manufactured with US Sunpower cells. They are mono-crystalline and the cells in our kits have an average efficiency of 22,5%. Its spectral absorption is one of the best for commercially available crystalline Silicone cells and its temperature coefficient slightly better than conventional mc-Si cells. The result is a superior solar performance. 

The Mojave kit has integrated supporting legs for increased performance during low sun angles. The legs tilt the panel up by 45 degrees, perfect in the morning and late afternoons. 

Combine the light-weight, compact and glass free design with its power output, this kit will be the choice for the seasoned overlander.

For the fun of it, we measured the output of the Mojave-240 at 10 am on 15. December in Johannesburg, South Africa (summer time in the Southern hemisphere). Materials used were Mojave-240 solar kit, 105A AGM/Gel deep cycle battery, 20A MPPT charge controller and 15A dump load connected to the battery.

The result is listed below.

For more information send an email to or visit Flexopower South Africa.

Mojave 240 standing

Mojave-240 solar kit facing the sun in the morning. Supporting legs angle the cells to capture more sunlight.


Mojave-240 kit laying flat on ground

When the sun is no longer low, simply flap up the legs and lay the Mojave-240 kit flat on the surface.

MPPT reading of the Mojave-240

Reading of the Mojave-240 at 10 am in Johannesburg on 15. December (summertime in the Southern hemisphere)

Mojave-240 solar kit folded up and ready to go 

The same Mojave-240 solar kit folded up and ready to go.

For more information send an email to or visit Flexopower South Africa.

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