Mobile Solar Powered Office – Ekurhuleni Municipality

Mobile Solar Powered Office – Ekurhuleni Municipality

Flexopower Fits 3 Vehicles With Mobile Solar Powered Offices

Flexopower has designed and fitted three Ekurhuleni Municipality vehicles with mobile solar powered offices. This project forms part of the Ekurhuleni Municipality sustainable energy plan.

Each of the three vehicles uses solar power technology to support a fully functioning internet connected mobile office. The mobile offices are capable of running 5 laptops, lights, a PA system, an internet modem, a credit card swipe machine and laser printer.

  • 2 x 120A/h AGM Gel deep cycle batteries
  • 2 x 145W Namib glued onto the roof
  • 1 x IBS dual battery system
  • 1 x 2kVA sine wave inverter
  • 1 x 20A Phocos regulator with LCD remote display


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