How to cancel the auto AC shut down feature of the Lithium555

How to cancel the auto AC shut down feature of the Lithium555

All Lithium555 batches before July 2022 are equipped with an auto AC shutdown. The strategy is to preserve battery charge by shutting down the inverter, if no or less than 20W AC load is detected during a 4 hour period.

However, this feature has not proven to be practical as WiFi modems or night lamps eventually be cut off. For that reason, we publish a work around to cancel the auto AC shutdown. - We do apologize for this inconvenience, at the time of design and launch we were enthusiastic about having such feature. Future batches no longer have an auto AC shut down.

We recommend to read the instructions below and study the video before you actually cancel the shut down on your unit. After you have completed the steps, the auto AC shutdown will be cancelled.

How to cancel the auto AC shutdown of the Lithium555:

1. ensure the Li555 is switched on and unlocked (OPN)

2. long press the DC button until "DC USB" is blinking in display

3. continue pressing down the DC button (do not remove your finger)

4. press the AC button 9 times (9x), after which press the DC button once (1x) immediately

5. at this time "dC IN" will show on the display. Let go of pressing the AC and DC buttons

6. press the AC button 5 times (5x). Display will change from "dC" to "d1", "d2", "d3", "d4" until "d5"

7. at this time display indicates "d5 010" and "AC del"

8. press DC button once to change "010" to "000"

9. press AC button once (1x) to complete this process



All future batches of the Lithium555, August 2022 going forward, no longer have an auto AC shutdown feature.


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