Best Camping Solar Panel Solution: Getaway Magazine

Best Camping Solar Panel Solution: Getaway Magazine

Getaway Magazine recently tested a number of top portable rugged camping solar panel solutions fit for the wildest of the wild camping. Getaway named Flexopower’s Kalahari-158 foldable solar panel the best product out of those tested.

Flexopower’s camping solar solutions include the Desert series rollable kit, the Atacama series foldable compact lightweight camping solar kits, as well as the Namib Rooftop semi-flexible robust solar solution.

The Desert and Atacama series kits include solar solutions with rated output of 79 Watt at 4.1 A (19.2 V charging voltage, 158 Watt at 8.2 A (19.2 V charging voltage) and 237 Watt at 12.3 A (19.2 V charging voltage).

Key Benefits:

  • User-friendly and easy to operate
  • Flexible, virtually unbreakable solar panel
  • Produces up to 15% more energy per day than glass panels
  • Continues to produce power even with multiple punctures
  • Resilient to partial shading, low light and overcast conditions
  • Customisable to your requirements (MPPT, inverter, cabling etc.)

The Flexopower Desert series camping solar kits charge batteries and battery banks. Ideal for mobile and on-the-go charging. Clean and silent.

The Flexopower Desert series camping solar kits are built with tough, flexible and virtually unbreakable solar panels. Owners appreciate the kits to be less bulky and easier to handle than glass solar panels.

No breakages occur from accidentally walking or driving over the panels. Even when punctured, the panels continue to deliver power.

Furthermore, they deliver approx. 15% more DC power a day than a glass panel. They are more low light tolerant and overcast conditions have much less of an impact than on glass panels.

The Flexopower solar camping kit can be laid flat on the ground or over a gazebo, losses from not facing the sun perpendicularly are negligible. Partial shading has little effect to the output (glass panels can deteriorate to a trickle charge).

“Best battery results. Best light weight option. Seriously heavy duty.” – Getaway Magazine

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