Avis Safari Rental uses Flexopower Solar Solutions

Avis Safari Rental uses Flexopower Solar Solutions

Avis Safari Rental uses Flexopower solar solutions to power their newly introduced line of luxury safari camper vehicles. Each vehicle is fully furnished with latest eco-friendly equipment. This includes a pop-up tent, stability program, tyre pressure monitoring systems, a fully fitted kitchen with fridge, gas cooker, pantry and bar point, 270 degree shading, safari linen, towels and a pneumatic vehicle jack.

The Flexopower state-of-the-art Namib 145 rooftop solar charging system will ensure that your vehicle battery is fully charged at all times and your drinks are served cold. The Avis luxury safari vehicles provide a hassle free affordable adventure into the bush.

The rooftop solar panel is suitable to be permanently mounted on a rooftop of a vehicle or yacht or solarized container. The backside of the Namib-145 semi-flexible solar module has a peel and stick functionality. Simply remove the decal and apply onto the surface. Bond is cured to full strength in 24h.

This Flexopower solar solution provides power even when partially shaded. Micro cracks, moderate mechanical stress such as walking and hail stones, as well as partial shading (trees) have little effect on the output. The solar panel is super thin, light weight and virtually indestructible (i.e. branch hitting panel). The panel is theft resistant as it bonds to the roof.

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