A bystanders comment

A bystanders comment

This recent episode is from Pretoria, South Africa an overlander checking out a completed installation of 2 x Tacoma-120's on a trailer. We share his comments (in Afrikaans):

"Kyk hoe mooi lyk hierdie sonpanele op die Maximi karavaan se dak. (Dis nie my wa nie want ek is nog te arm). En kyk net hoe charge die goed - 10 uur gisteroggend! Die laaste wat ek gekyk het, was 16A. So hierdie stelsel werk baie mooi."   

The Tacoma-120 by Flexopower is a quality semi-flexible solar panel built with Maxeon Gen III cells. Full product details click here

Tacoma120Tacoma120x2 read outTacoma120x2

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